Creative Communities

Kreativitet, platskvalitet och samhälle

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Creative Communities, established 2012, is an agency for community work and local development for policy making and practice. Tools for this is Cultural planning and mapping. The work fields are within social and cultural sustainability, urban research and regeneration, with contains advocacy, cultural interaction and strategies for community development. Working with networks and international relations is of great importance. Creative Communities is based in Örebro Sweden, but also provides services on a national and international levels.
Creative Communities has over these years supported and developed local community based projects for cultural regeneration and cultural mapping surveys for city centre development. A main focus has been work committed to the suburban areas within the Swedish million homes programme, both in research studies and with parcipatory activities. Cooperates with Scottish actors as Fablevision and Scotland’s regeneration forum to create models and forums for exchange of practice and knowledge between Scotland and Sweden on community and national level.  The interest for culture and waterfronts has a long history together with activists in Gothenburg and Glasgow but also together with Intercult. , Creative Communities is a glocal agency, stretching from local communities to national actors crossing over to UK and towards Central Eastern Europe.


Tomas Dahlberg is  founder of Creative Communities, is an advisor and creative producer in community work with background since the mid-1990s. He is an experienced project manager/developer for multi-sectorial partnership and intercultural processes. Tomas has developed and managed several projects for local democracy and participation processes both at policy level and in practice for local authorities and organisations, but also performed internationally in Scotland and the EU. A wide experience of local development, Community theatre and Cultural Planning. Participates in several national and international networks for democracy development, integration and culture. A speaker on models of integrated community work and culture for local organizing and social sustainability. Tomas has also been engaged by the Swedish Board for Housing and Planning (Boverket) for an investigation report on attractiveness and development of the million homes programme. Educated in Culture Planning at the University of the West of Scotland